Rebecca Skeels started her business in 1994 after graduating from the University of Wales. Since 1994, Rebecca’s thirst for knowledge and her passion for sharing has lead her to graduate from Central Saint Martin’s (MA Project by Design) and achieving a PGC in Higher Education from the University for Creative Arts. Rebecca is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

As a designer maker, Rebecca’s work has exhibited across Europe, in the US and in China and she continues to explore ideas and work collaboratively with likeminded designer makers within different disciplines utilising different materials. In parallel, Rebecca’s enthusiasm to encourage others to learn and to be creative has lead to her current position as Subject Leader for Postgraduate courses in Craft at the University for Creative Arts.

Rebecca’s position as a design maker, leader of craft courses and as an active member of the UK’s craft industry, provides her with a unique perspective on education and requirements for the future of ‘the crafts’. Her interests allow her to continuously develop craft education to enable more inclusive learning experiences which are adaptable to the students’ abilities and her exploration of ‘other’ materials and processes from different craft disciplines provides an extensive view of the industry.

Materials are her obsession; bridging her work as a designer maker and her role as an educator. Materials and their related processes determine not only the form and function of an object, but also the object’s interaction with the surrounding environment, connecting with personal memories and associations. The use of materials within Rebecca’s own work can be fun, contradictive, functional and thought provoking. The knowledge of other craft sectors has lead to the exploration of traditional techniques and processes, along with new technologies and digital processes, developing current and future craft practices.


 ‘Soldering for Jewellers’ became available in 2017, published by The Crowood Press. Soldering is one of the most commonly used processes in jewellery, but its potential is often overlooked. This practical book explains the basics of the method but goes on to suggest ways in which soldering can be used to explore ideas and produce unique pieces. Written both for beginners and for those wishing to extend their knowledge, Soldering for Jewellers will inspire a more creative use of this key process.

Soldering for Jewellers