MA Design by Project

In 2001 to 2002 Rebecca constructed an independent study route defined by her own final project to develop her creative ability, problem-solving and analytical skills. The major project overlapped a combination of areas, including science, jewellery, product design and technology, to produce medical-related products to help people manage their medication and information.

Major Project: 100% Ability

Demand and interest in gadgets and functional objects draw people to them irresistibly. The initial idea was to develop jewellery with a function around a ‘need’, not solely responding to the idea of a gadget or fashion, which implies throwaway toys. The proposal was; the development of jewellery to incorporate other functions, keeping in mind, why the wearer would want a product attached to them and why would they want to transport it wherever they went.

To address this Rebecca felt the need to make my main area of study ‘functional jewellery’; a challenging step on from issues of purely wearability and aesthetics. Looking at the relationship between the body, the wearable and the function, whether it is technological, medical or just useful.

The final products start with a medical or identity card that will contain the owner’s medical information, only accessed by doctor or hospital staff, they will have immediate insight to any allergies, continuous medication, recent operations and serious illnesses that may affect the treatment they are going to give. This will cut down on time looking for lost notes, risks of dangerous medications to many members of the public and more.


The next pieces work together, one worn by the owner and the other carried by them. It is aimed at the increasing number of the public that takes regular medication. The wearable piece will discreetly vibrate when the next medication is due, the other piece will give information such as whether to take the medication with water or food, how much to take and which compartment to take it from. Back up stringencies have been added for people who forget to take the medication still or forget when their last medication was taken or open the wrong compartment. These pieces also hold doctors notes for emergencies.

device device2 device3 device4

The final pieces were designed for when the technology reduces in size and becomes cheaper and more readily available. They can currently hold the doctors information, but to hold the electronics for the other functions will need to wait for developments in the industry.