Research examples

The Triple Parade October 2018.

The Triple Parade event, opened on the 19th October 2018, organised and run by Sun Jie and the TRIPLE PARADE Biennale Organising Committee, HOW Art Museum-Design Center, College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, Shanghai.

This is the fourth edition of Triple Parade, with the first established in 2013. This year’s theme and dialogue was across the Past, the Present, the Future. The programme included a conference, exhibition and a series of workshops and talks.

The exhibition is running until the 5th February 2018, this is the biggest exhibition and event so far and includes over 500 jewellery pieces from makers from 34 countries and regions on display in the HOW Design Centre. The exhibition is broken into various parts of the four sections. 1, Intimate Encounter, 2, Like Attracts Like, 3, Arty Game and 4, Viva La Different.

Rebecca Skeels curated the UK work for the exhibition, spoke about the past present and future of Jewellery in the UK at the conference and provided a paper on her own research and reasons for selection of the works for the catalogue.

The conference included presentations from curators, educators, makers, organisations and historians from around the world, creating a great debate around the past, present and future of the jewellery industry. Collaboration, supporting each other and creating a future for those learning and passionate about the industry is high on the agenda, with the Triple Parade events, Sun Jie and his team bringing together those passionate about the industry and opportunities that are to come.

Venue: HOW Design Center (3rd Floor of HOW Art Museum)  1, Lane 2277 Zuchongzhi Rd, Shanghai 201203, China


Farnham Craft Month: October 2018

Farnham Craft Town celebrates throughout the year with many events, but organisations and individuals come together each October to highlight activities across Farnham.

Rebecca has worked with the supporters of Farnham Craft Town and Craft Town England to develop the programme for 2018 Craft month as well as run events for the School of Craft and Design and develop two digital network pages to promote Craft Town activities throughout the year.

England’s Craft Town

From the University for the Creative Arts to a major museum, exhibition and specialist retail outlets and craft-related businesses, Farnham is home to both world-renowned craft artists and to the next generation of emerging makers. Craft sits at the heart of Farnham’s distinctiveness and this special feature was acknowledged in 2013 when Farnham was designated as England’s Craft Town.

The roots of Farnham’s engagement with craft can be dated back to the time when Farnham exported white clay to the Romans. In the 16th century, potteries in Farnham were major suppliers of pottery to London. But its real emergence as a town with a special leaning towards craft is in the Victorian era and the establishment and great success of The Farnham Pottery, Wrecclesham, with its reputation for the distinctive style of work known as Greenware (so-called because of the copper-green glaze).

Craft across the centuries can be seen and researched from Farnham Greenware in the town’s museum through to the unrivalled collections of the Crafts Study Centre. The New Ashgate Gallery offers a diverse range of craft work for sale and is especially focused on creating opportunities for emerging makers.

Craft is embedded into the fabric, the homes as well as the cultural life of Farnham.


Future Craft: March 2018

Rebecca initiated and managed the Future Craft Conference, Exhibition, Publication and Networking. Future Craft was the first in a series of biennial conferences that will offer an opportunity for discussion, engagement and debate across a broad continuum of craft.

The ‘Entrepreneurship or Enterprise?’ conference will celebrate the continual innovation of the jewellery and silversmithing industry, learning, development, business and variety of contexts and markets it inhabits.

This conference seeks to provide a framework for a discussion on and around Jewellery and Silvermsithing ‘Entrepreneurship or Enterprise?’ by celebrating present achievements and looking forward to exploring what the future might hold.

The next ‘Future Craft’ conference is to be hosted by Queensland College of Art Griffith University in Australia.


Soldering for Jewellers: April 2017

‘Soldering for Jewellers’ available from April 24th 2017, published by The Crowood Press. Soldering is one of the most commonly used processes in jewellery, but its potential is often overlooked. This practical book explains the basics of the method but goes on to suggest ways in which soldering can be used to explore ideas and produce unique pieces. Written both for beginners and for those wishing to extend their knowledge, Soldering for Jewellers will inspire a more creative use of this key process.


CUG/GIC: October 2015

Continious collaboration with the Gemmological Institute, China University of Geosciences led to presenting at the Gemology Conference in Wuhan in October 2015 as well as visitng the Institute and delivering a two day workshop. Previous connection with the Institute in 2012 gave stage two students at UCA and in China a chance to collaborate, this culminated in a student exhibition at the Crafts Study Centre which then moved to China for a big celebration event for the 20 year anniversary of the Institute. Rebecca has also been invited to take part in the new Artist in Residence Scheme when the new building is completed.


Engraving for all with the Hand Engravers Association of Great Britain: 2014

In 2014, Rebecca applied for and won funding from the residency scheme to develop and run a hand engraving event for staff and students within UCA and members of the public, the day focused on comparing digital and hand skills or very traditional techniques. USA jeweller and designer, Arthur Hash presented a Skype Lecture, renowned hand engraver and silversmith Alan Craxford delivered a presentation and Jeweller and technical demonstrator and David Bedford delivered workshops throughout the day. This was extremely successful with maximum visitor numbers attending.


Hotweek, Oslo: 2012

In 2012, Rebecca took part in the Hotweek event at the Oslo National Academy of Arts, to assist in the development of her own work as well as set up connections and exchange programmes for the courses in Oslo and UCA. I not only took part in the workshop activities, but also did two presentations, one on UCA Farnham, its courses and facilities, distributing marketing material supplied by the exchange office.


Connection symposium and exchange: 2010

Through research and experimentation with alternative materials, Rebecca produced a number of one-off pieces of jewellery to complement her existing ranges. This led to organising and running a symposium/exchange with the Jewellers and Silversmiths Network (JSN) and the Critique Collective Network in San Francisco in 2010.

The development of collections with more research and experimentation, taking opportunity of new, developing and different materials and technologies, led to working closely with the head Librarian and Archivist to create a materials library that was launched within the University in April 2015.


Articles for magazines: Various

Rebecca contributes regularly by writing articles for publication, collaborates with various organisations to manage and contribute to symposiums, conferences and exhibitions and has built up an online profile by setting up and continually updating five Network pages for the Association for Contemporary Jewellery. Rebecca is also a regular participant on selection and judging panels such as Rising Stars, the Crafts Council Hothouse programme, Craft and Design awards, Surrey Artist of the Year and the Festival of Crafts.



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